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  • Car weight is distributed on a major surface
  • Avoids the ovalization of the tires for long lastingparking periods



The indoor covers are fleeced, breathable and stretchable?

Yes, the indoor covers are fleece, breathable and stretchable.

Outdoor covers are also breathable?

The Future outdoor cover are breathable. The Silver has openings for air circulation. Both products (Futures and Silver) prevent the formation of condensation inside the cover.

The car covers have rear mirrors pockets?

For cars produced before 1972 (without obligatory rear-view mirrors imposed by law) the cover reflects the original model in our system.If the original model does not have mirrors the cover will not have the pockets, so awe suggest to fold the mirrors before apply the cover.

If I put the cover when the car is still hot, there is a risk of flame?

No, but we recommend to wait before apply the car cover.

Campers covers are provided of side opening to access the cell even when covered?

Yes, the camper cover allow the access to the cell also when is completely covered thanks to the special side openings.

What ares the production timing?

The production time of a customized and tailor-made product is 5 working weeks, each cover is hand made and is produced to fit in a sartorial way. Once concluded the production process the cover is checked by our quality system and then sent. This is to ensure the highest quality.

The indoor car covers can be washed?

Yes, It can be washed in the common domestic washing machine.

Delivery time 5 working days after payment received.
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The kit is composed by 4 pcs.
The order of a tailor-made product together with a standard product or accessory will follow the delivery time of the tailor-made product.
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