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  • Antistatic
  • Stretch fabric
  • Fleeced inside
  • Breathable fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Sized on motorcycle dimensions, also with rear bags
  • In plain and bi-colors
  • Easy handling
  • Small space needed
  • Bag included



The indoor covers are fleeced, breathable and stretchable?

Yes, the indoor covers are fleece, breathable and stretchable.

Did the Qubike standard covers can be used with the rear bag?

Some motorcycle cover have rear openings for top cases (except Custom, Cross and Maximoto).

What's the Qubike standard fitting?

The Qubike standard covers have a standard fit that allows to cover the motorcycle or scooter based on the sizes.

The indoor car covers can be washed?

Yes, It can be washed in the common domestic washing machine.

Delivery time 5 working days after payment received (subject to stock avail.)
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Colors and fitting are just are for example only to give you and idea about the final result.
The order of a tailor-made product together with a standard product or accessory will follow the delivery time of the tailor-made product.
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Select the motorcycle size and choose the colors

All the configuration option with the star* are mandatory (colors) and must to be flagged to proceed at the checkout.

Motorcycles covers for customs, MX and Maximoto have not the rear bag opening.

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