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over 40 years of history

Covercar, part of the Confezioni Andrea Italia group, today represents a point of reference in the world of car covers, and is also synonymous with authenticity, love for tradition and continuous research.
For over 47 years Covercar has been the leading company in the field of covers and aesthetic transport solutions for all major car and motorcycle manufacturers.
It is a story made of passion and emotions, the perfect combination of tradition and innovation, a brand that can boast the most advanced technologies, always careful, ready and in the forefront, experimenting with new fabrics and expanding its global presence, while maintaining a design and concept made in Italy linked to the Italian tradition of textiles.
Covercar gives more and more attention to details. Refined design and innovative fabrics make this company the best interpreter of the concept of avant-garde and elegance.
A brand that is based on a few but essential principles: quality of work, quality of product, quality of service.
The passion, the competence and the quality of the details have made Covercar the undisputed leader of an increasingly demanding market, and today it is a brand synonymous with quality that collaborates with the most important brands of the automotive market, a brand able to satisfy the continuous evolution of the market demand.

The same quality is applied to the group’s consumer brands and products:
Covercar – Indoor and outdoor covers for cars
Qubike – Indoor and outdoor covers for motorcycles
Campvancover – Covers and protections for campers and caravans.

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