CAMPER STORAGE? Here are some valuable advice

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  1. protect your camper by keeping it indoors, shelter it from bad weather!
  2. continuous maintenance is required, don’t forget your camper just because you’re not traveling!
  3. choose the right cover to escape from humidity and condensation and defend your body!
  4. remember to empty the tanks of your camper before storage, leave it clean and tidy waiting for the next season!
  5. Take advantage of the storage season to recharge the batteries, not only yours, but also those of your camper!

1 – Caravans, attics, motorhomes, semi-integrated, now there are something for all tastes and at any price. Often a road trip lover wonders only how to choose the right camper, but that’s not all, it is necessary not only to establish a budget and understand where to go on vacation, but also to ask: “And after the holidays, where do I put the camper?”

“And after the holidays, where do I put the camper?”

With the arrival of winter, many campers are asking themselves the question of the correct arrangement of their camper: Leave it outdoors or indoors? In the garage or under the roof? Or is it possible to simply use a strong tarp? Or is it possible to simply use a strong tarp?

It is certainly important to avoid premature wear and therefore not leave it in the hands of the elements.
The lucky ones are those who have the possibility to keep it in a closed place, sheltering it from the winter cold and from the atmospheric events that characterize the storage seasons.

2 – In winter, take some time for the routine maintenance that the camper needs, some precautions are always useful, which, however small, will help you keep your vehicle intact and ready for the next holidays.

It is important to completely empty all food from the camper, keep the refrigerator and freezer open as much as possible, to prevent odors and mold from forming inside. Do not forget to do a thorough cleaning, starting from the internal spaces such as stoves and kitchenettes, and ending with the windows using special products, and where necessary, identify any damage or rust to promptly intervene on the problem.

3 – For those who do not have the opportunity to put their caravan indoors during the winter, it is essential to choose the right cover, which protects the body from cold and condensation. The sheet must necessarily be resistant and of excellent quality and therefore waterproof, resistant to UV rays, and last but not least it must be breathable, so as not to be afraid of the humidity that makes space on the bodywork.

There are many ways to understand how to “rock” your camper in cold periods, and advice will not be lacking at the Salone del camper 2019 in Parma which this year will take place from 14 to 22 September.

It is the most important event of caravanning and tourism in freedom, the appointment is dedicated to fans of the camper style and not only, it is also the right event for travelers uncertain about the vehicle to buy, for those looking for advice and appropriate accessories for storage, but also on the type of holiday to be undertaken, in short, there will certainly be inspiration!

In fact, according to the first previews, the event will welcome all European manufacturers, and the most important component brands, as well as a significant selection of camping accessories such as tents, verandas and other equipment and all the technical solutions to make your holiday on the road.

4 – Why is it essential to empty the tanks during the period of inactivity? To avoid damage to the water system! Emptying must be carried out systematically without neglecting details, so as to preserve the entire system and accessories that could be damaged due to frost

The emptying procedure is quite simple and will help you avoid classic ice damage such as cracked fittings or broken pipes. The first step is to disconnect the water pump from the electricity using the button on the control panel, following this operation the water will begin to flow out.

This is the operation that will almost totally defend us from the creation of ice, but a minimum part of water will always remain in the system and when we go to reactivate it in the summer season, the first thing to do will be to heat the camper to be able to melt the remains. of ice left.

Once you have finished heating the camper, just close all the taps and finish by filling the tank. And so on, you will be ready for a new adventure en plein air. And so on, you will be ready for a new adventure en plein air.

5 – One of the most important aspects to consider during the storage period is the battery, which in the cold months is subjected to a rather stressful period.

In winter we use a lot more electricity to heat the camper, and obviously the lighting is needed much earlier than in the summer period, a lot of electricity is used, which if not connected to a power column, can ruin the batteries, this leads to a more frequent refilling and a periodic check.

As for the summer period, on the other hand, there are various recharging and maintenance services, and certainly the most suitable is photovoltaics.

Solar panels for motorhomes are the right way to have energy autonomy while traveling, while respecting the environment. It is a convenient method for those who make frequent stops and long trips, the camper is a means of transport that replicates the comforts of home and allows you to have clean energy with solar panels without having to plug into an electrical outlet. Photovoltaics is something extremely functional also from an economic point of view.

Few accessories are needed to make the most of its potential: solar panels, a charge controller and storage batteries are enough, easy to recharge even while traveling.

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